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YonKa Paris Skin Care

YonKa Paris is based on a philosophy that embodies a combination of its 2 worded name. Yon-, is translated as a river with rapid and purifying water, whereas -Ka is represented in ancient Egypt as a vital and eternal force that is inherent in each individual. Every plant comes with its own characteristics according to its botanical species, geographical origins, and climate. With this fact, Yonka approximately uses one hundred plants that come from various countries around the world. The 5 Quintessence essential oils that concoct many of Yonka products consist of lavender and cypress from France, geranium from Egypt, as well as thyme and rosemary from Morocco. For top-quality products, all materials are carefully laboratory tested prior to use to ensure effectiveness and stability.


In 1954, the start of Yon-Ka began with Cecile Ernst and Charles Mühlethaler's passion for aromatherapy. Leading to a groundbreaking discovery of the "Quintessence," a unique mixture of essential oils from the Mediterranean: lavender, geranium, rosemary, thyme, and cypress - transformed skin care and became the essence of future treatment spectrums. As daughters and nieces of the founders, biochemist and beautician Frances and Catherine shared the same passion, inheriting the family business in 1968 while innovatively creating an international dimension.

Skin Care Treatments

The Laboratoires Multaler have recently created Yon-Ka for Men, which possess an advantage of over 50 years of tradition instilled by the Yon-Ka phytoaromatic products. This system offers a made-to-measure scale that responds to the individual specifities of men's skin, all while reshaping the main aspects of skin fitness by Purifying, Restoring, and Rejuvenating.

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**We are a skincare institute offering YonKa® products professionally for resale exclusively in the United States. We have chosen YonKa® products for our aesthetic professional services.


YonKa Phyto 52


Yonka Phyto 52 works to evenly tone skin complexion while helping to shape neck and face contours. Formulated with rosemary-based aromatherapy treatment that deeply penetrates the skin, leaving skin looking wrinkle-free and younger than ever. Benefits: ...

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