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Skin Care Products to Treat Large Pores

If you are dealing with large pores, you may wish that they would just disappear altogether; however, the truth is that your pores serve a very important function. We need them in order to be able to regulate our temperature, keep our body hydrated, and remove harmful toxins. These openings throughout the body do quite a lot of work but when they are both oversized and become clogged with dirt and oil, it can be frustrating. Due to the fact that they are openings in the skin, pores cannot change in size no matter what some “miracle product” might promise you. However, there are several things you can do to both minimize their appearance as well as keep them clean and healthy.

The first thing you’ll want to do is avoid skin care products, especially bar soaps, that will leave your pores clogged. Any products that are excessively emollient, meaning they have a very thick or greasy consistency, should also not be used. Instead, look to use a mild cleanser and remember to exfoliate properly each day. One ingredient you’ll want to find in your skin care products is niacinamide, which can help your skin appear to be tighter without that fake surgery look. Finally, instead of attempting to squeeze or poke at your skin, consider going to a well trained and experienced aesthetician who can offer expert advice and provides treatments for a noticeable difference.